Travels in Craft

Spinning in Ireland

Craft is what ties us together. What we make, how we make it, that we share our inspiration, our vision, our doing of it is what makes craft speak to every one of us. I remember years ago, at a craft show, a customer who came into my booth. She had bought a small vase the year before and told me then she was buying it for a gift. Now a year later she was back and I remembered her and said hello. She told me that she had bought my vase as a wedding present and sent it to Ireland. That the bride had loved it and had it in her living room with flowers in it. It struck me as never before that I was a part of this persons life now. One I had never met and never would meet. My work was a part of the gift buying. The gift itself, The wedding and thank you note. It was now in a living room in Ireland and would be filled with flowers every spring. Children that come along would be warned not to break it and it might one day be passed down to one of those children, if it survived their childhood. That is just one way craft ties us together. 

This spot will be about my travels in craft. I want to focus on where to go and what to do. Upcoming trips and other craft travel opportunities that might tempt us to go and be inspired by craft in our backyards as well as around the world. On this website I hope to highlight makers I have met that you might want to know too. 

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