laramieI am working on this, really I am but for now check the Schacht website, for new patterns as I get them finished. Soon there will be the extra material that doesn’t get in the pattern posted here. Here is a pic of the newest project that will be a pattern on the Schacht website soon! ALL made with Zoom Loom squares.


The things I love about Zoom Loom projects is the challenge. I have a  big floor loom, and a smaller floor loom and a smaller floor loom and some rigid heddle looms of different sizes…ok, I have too many looms. I admit it. With the range of looms I have, I can make anything from plain weave to any pattern that takes up to 8 shafts and any width up to…63 inches, I think. When I look at the patterns possible, there are almost too many to choose between. Days of warping and weeks of weaving to make one piece of fabric.  But the Zoom Loom…quick, small and much less choice. It’s all about the yarn and the fun. If I don’t like it, it is only 15 minutes lost. Toss it and start over. It IS a challenge to think of how to make it work and then there is the assembly, but that is all portable. Modular, portable fun weaving is what the Zoom Loom provides. All my looms have a place in my weaving life but the Zoom Loom, small as it is, sure has made itself a home in my take along project bag.